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AFA's Director of Research: Calling same-sex marriage love = 'evil'

by Jeremy Hooper

Satan twists language so that the "evil" of same-sex marriage is instead portrayed as love. This part of the latest musing from the American Family Association:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 At 6.22.57 AmThe devil? Talking about things good, true and beautiful?

Why not? Language is twisted and misused all the time. Why can’t the words good, true and beautiful be brought to heel in service of hell? After all, who is to say what is good? Or true? Or beautiful?

So, evil has a tendency to masquerade as beauty, and human beings have a corresponding tendency to fall for the trick every time. This is why many in our culture portray abortion as “choice.” Same sex marriage is “love.” Pornographers state that their actresses are “empowered” by their “acting” in smut films, etc.

And a certain angel of light is laughing at us all the way to the lake of fire.

FULL: The Alluring Beauty of Evil [AFA]

Ooh, the lake of fire sounds like an exciting wedding venue. How are the rates? Devilishly high?

No word on what other social institution that adds, rather than subtracts, good from the world Mr. Vitagliano will next misrepresent. Although I hear there are a few baby showers he has his eye on.

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