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AFA's legal counsel: Same-sex marriage 'traps homosexuals,' will make them 'more belligerent'

by Jeremy Hooper

As the anti-gay movement slowly pieces together the fact that the marriage fight is all but over and they lost it (and lost it HARD), the rhetoric is coarsening and the last vestiges of pragmatism are falling away. Here's the latest example courtesy of the American Family Association's Legal Counsel, Patrick Vaughn, who is arguing that same-sex marriage is actually going to make gay people more unhappy since our real problem is our " rebellion against God and His created order":

Homosexuals have fought doggedly for the legalization of gay marriage, believing that if society will label their relationships “marriage” their hunger to feel accepted and approved will be satisfied. However, “gay marriage” will not mask a homosexual’s sense of alienation for long, because that alienation arises from the homosexual’s rebellion against God and His created order. Homosexuals’ misplaced hope in gay marriage is likely to leave gay activists even more belligerent toward people who label their sexual behavior as sin. The tortuous predicament in which the legalization of homosexual marriage traps homosexuals calls for holy and merciful responses from Christ’s Church.
FULL: Serpents & Doves [AFA]

Really? Because I've been married for more than a few years now, and I feel closer to my husband, our kid, my relatives, and my purpose here on Earth more than ever before. In fact, the only times in my life when I really felt any alienation whatsoever—true, terrible, gut-wrenching alienation—were when I was a scared teen struggling to accept myself while living in a pointedly non-accepting environment.

Perhaps you got the order, created or otherwise, all wrong, Mr. Vaughn?

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