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Another deceptive thing about NOM's duplicitous anti-Hagan ad

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 At 7.29.25 PmYesterday I showed you the increasingly desperate National Organization For Marriage's new ad targeting incumbent US Senator Kay Hagan, and I mentioned how her Republican colleague, Sen. Richard Burr, also praised and approved of the federal judge that NOM is faulting Hagan for supporting. I also noted how that judge, Max Coburn, was ultimately confirmed by a unanimous vote in the Senate.

But I just thought of something else: There was a second U.S. District Judge, one William Osteen, who also ruled for marriage equality in North Carolina just days later. And this Judge Osteen? He was appointed by none other than President George W. Bush, the man who championed NOM's beloved federal marriage amendment and who supported the NOM agenda in every way. Moreover, both of the Republican US Senators at that time, Elizabeth Dole and the aforementioned Richard Burr, spoke highly of Judge Osteen and recommended his immediate confirmation, which did follow—unanimously.

So even without "Hagan's judge," as NOM likes to call him, North Carolina's marriage amendment, which NOM so ardently championed, would've come down. "George W. Bush's judge" would've seen to it.

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