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Another evangelical leader comes out against so-called reparative therapy

by Jeremy Hooper

So this ruse is pretty much up:

(RNS) Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore has denounced reparative therapy, the controversial idea that people who are gay or have same-sex attraction could become straight.

Joining a chorus of other religious leaders who have departed from a once-popular therapy, some evangelical attempts at reparative therapy have been “severely counterproductive,” Moore told a group of journalists during a press conference at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s national conference in Nashville on Tuesday (Oct. 28). He also gave similar remarks to the conference of about 1,300 people.

FULL: Evangelical leader Russell Moore denounces ex-gay therapy [RNS]

No word on when the evangelical community will apologize for all the lives they stifled, if not destroyed, for the many decades that they and their broader movement actively and proudly advocated for such junk science.

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