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Anti-gay Baptist church seeks to intervene in Kansas marriage case

by Jeremy Hooper

Like so many other groups that oppose us in court, Westboro Baptist Church uses its personally-held religious view to deny us our civil rights. Sure, WBC displays a much more heated message than its more mainstream counterparts. But at the end of the day, they want the same outcome (no same-sex marriage) and believe we are headed to the same future (it's down below and hot) unless we stop being gay.

So it's really no surprise to see that WBC is the latest legal outfit (the church is made up of many lawyers, who've even argued at the US Supreme Court) to try to intervene in a state marriage case:

KANSAS: Westboro Baptist Files Motion To Intervene In Same-Sex Marriage Case [J.M.G.]

Please let them succeed! Put the harshest face on animus right there in a court of law. It will be epic!!

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