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Anti-gay group says anti-gay groups helped America become less anti-gay

by Jeremy Hooper

Even though MassResistance, the anti-equality organization that has been fighting a lost cause in the Bay State for many years now, has almost no "successes" under its own belt, its overseers fancy themselves as all-knowing political operatives who could have saved their movement. And in a new post, this state org. is calling out the entire national coalition that has fought against, going so far as to accuse the anti-equality legal teams of "malpractice" and the associated movement of "ideological decay."

Pop some popcorn and enjoy the in-fighting:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 At 11.05.18 AmThe incompetence of the pro-family legal side

As overwhelming as the “gay” blitzkrieg was, it would not have been successful without the terrible incompetence of the lawyers on our side. This included pro-family lawyers, state attorneys general, and even private lawyers hired to assist.

It's painful for us to discuss this. We are reluctant to sound unkind to the pro-family legal people who worked hard on these cases. But this is such a horrible outcome that something must be said.

Many of you may recall that we had a similar reaction to the pro-family legal team in our analysis of DOMA and Prop-8 cases.

Both of those cases suffered from an unaggressive and short-sighted approach that bordered on malpractice. The pro-family side did not present a credible case in either one. They were deathly afraid that telling the truth about homosexuality might offend someone. By not effectively countering the absurd arguments and assumptions by the homosexual movement, they made it easy for the judges to rule as they did.

The handling of the Prop 8 case was so bad that the Federal District Court judge — the "out" homosexual — rebuked the pro-family lawyers for the lack of evidence they presented! It was almost as if the judge had no choice but to rule against us, based on what he had to work with.

Since then, the same losing strategy has been repeated over and over across the country. Similar to the Prop 8 debacle, in some cases it's been so pathetic that the judge almost had no choice but to award the ruling to the homosexual side.

Many conservatives were furious at the nasty manner that Federal Judge Richard Posner slapped down the arguments from the lawyers of Wisconsin and Indiana. The pro-homosexual press certainly had a field day with it. But if you read the reports carefully, you can almost feel a bit of empathy for Posner having to listen to pathetic legal arguments that never went beyond “marriage is a tradition” or that “ it’s about the welfare of children.”

It’s especially frustrating to know that there are so many excellent and unassailable (albeit not “politically correct”) arguments and facts about homosexual behavior that were never used.

The pro-family lawyers refused to consider using the vast storehouse of medical dangers, diseases, psychological problems, addictions, domestic violence rates, multiple partners, “gay pride” perversions, or suicidal behavior, etc. associated with homosexuality, as counter-arguments. They wouldn’t bring up natural law or morality. They certainly would not talk about the emotional trauma suffered by children growing up around homosexual behavior. Nor would they talk about the ex-gay movement (proof that homosexuality is not inborn) and the changes that come with healing.

Instead our side came up with only soft arguments like "every child needs a father and a mother," “marriage is about procreation, ” the need to respect “the long history of traditional marriage,” and similar blather. In fact, many lawyers on our side accepted civil unions as a reasonable alternative and had no argument against homosexual "parenting" — which made their "mother and father" argument impossible to defend.

Logically speaking, if homosexual behavior is not dangerous and immoral, but simply something we don’t prefer, then there is no reason not to let them same-sex couples marry. Our people made their own case virtually unwinnable.

Possibly even worse, they accepted the concept of homosexuals as a “class” of people, which led right into the absurd pro-gay-rights interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment (see above).

The decades-long capitulation of the mainstream pro-family movement

To be fair, the recent legal fight only reflected the ideological decay that has enveloped most of the pro-family movement across America. Though most people probably haven’t even noticed it, this has emasculated our movement severely.

Current Massachusetts State Law still describes homosexuality as "the abominable and detestable crime against nature." The Bible has similar exhortations. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at how today’s mainstream “pro-family” movement in America sidesteps, compromises, and capitulates on the issue.
Furthermore, it is almost impossible to find a pro-family group that will speak publicly against any of those demands; on the contrary, many pro-family groups will rebuke you as “hateful” if you do.

A few examples (out of hundreds we could bring up):

-- Numerous state and national pro-family groups have publicly supported civil unions and refused to challenge the concept of “gay” adoptions.

-- [NOM president Brian Brown] was featured in a video of his visit to the home of notorious anti-Christian hater Dan Savage and his “husband” to show his tolerance of their lifestyle.

-- In 2009, the founder and then-board member of a national pro-marriage organization told a crowd at Boston College Law School, “It’s possible that gay couples could on average be much better parents than opposite-sex couples precisely because they don’t have children as a result of sexual passion.”

-- This year, a major theme of the annual rally of a national pro-marriage organization was “tolerance” and showing that we’re “not haters.”

-- Recently the largest pro-family group in Utah posted a nasty attack against a longtime Utah pro-family leader because she had described gay parenting as “child abuse.”

-- To our knowledge, no national pro-family conference (generally held in Washington, DC) has had a speaker on homosexual medical issues or the homosexual agenda in the schools.

-- Much of this comes about because pro-family people are afraid of liberals and don’t want to be called names. They want to be seen as “reasonable.” They want to be nice. There is a lot of more cowardice in the pro-family movement than most of us would like to admit.

A great deal of this also emanates from a deeply flawed interpretation of Scripture, which puts being “nice” and “loving” on a higher level than stopping evil, protecting children, or even telling the truth. This is the first religious-based movement we know of — certainly in America — that has done that.

We can learn a lot from the emerging pro-family groups in other countries. From Jamaica to Africa to Eastern Europe and beyond, we have seen pro-family groups that are fearless, truthful, and understand the battle very clearly.

FULL: How the pro-family movement helped spread “gay marriage” across America [MassResistance]

Eh, I say, "Why split hairs?" There's plenty of room on the wrong side of history.

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