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AP reports on pro-discrimination movement's next phase (spoiler alert: they still think they can discriminate)

by Jeremy Hooper

Now that any political observer with even a smidgen of objectivity knows that the anti-equality movement has lost the marriage fight, the beleaguered organizations that tried and failed to discriminate against us in civil policy are scrambling for any way they can still hold on to some measure of disregard for us and our unions. And as the Associated Press reports, the next phase is going to be more pushes for more license-to-discriminate bills in more state legislatures. particularly in red states that now have marriage equality:

"Some of the states are so red — think South Carolina — that the legislature can likely lock down all kinds of religious liberty protections, even those we have not yet seen adopted anywhere, like protection for the small mom-and-pop wedding professionals, simply because they have the votes of like-minded colleagues," said Robin Fretwell Wilson, a family law specialist at the University of Illinois, Champaign, who tracks exemptions in state laws.
FULL: Next Gay Marriage Fight: Religious Exemptions [AP]

(*Note: Even though the AP doesn't say so, Ms. Fretwell Wilson is a longtime advocate for such laws. She doesn't just "track" them.)

I suspect we will be subjected to several years of this. It speaks to the deep entitlement ingrained with the other side's fight. It's never been only about them thinking that they can win because of what they believe to be sound arguments. No, no. We are dealing with a movement that by and large believes it should win, whether it's because of what its proponents see as their God-ordained fate, a deeply grained sense of heterosexism/supremacy, or a general sense that change is too scary to become reality.

They just can't believe that we're actually going to win this one. Right now we're somewhere in the denial-anger phase. Bargaining will be next.

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