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Audio: Tony Perkins minimizes actual religious persecution; pretends he and anti-gay pals face 'deadly consequences'

by Jeremy Hooper

Religious persecution is very real. It involves war. And kidnapping. And hostages. And draconian prison sentences. And death—lots of death, in the name of a deity.

And anti-LGBT commentator Tony Perkins totally gets it. After all, he and his movement here and America are told that they must comply with nondiscrimination laws that protect gay consumers, must at the very least tolerate civil marriage rights for tax-paying same-sex couples, and generally find a way to live in peace with certain kinds of people who happen to have been born a certain way. "There's a correlation," demands Tony:

[Right Wing Watch]

Stay tuned for Tony's next show where I hear he'll convey how he totally understands those who live in fear of possible beheading since he himself owns a comb with a tricky tooth that occasionally scratches his scalp. A gay clerk sold it to him, of course.

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