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Benham brothers yet again equate ISIS beheadings with treatment of anti-gay Christians

by Jeremy Hooper

This video is three hours of anti-LGBT personalities like Tony Perkins and Mat Staver trying to sway the upcoming election. I haven't watched the whole thing because I am not a masochist. But I do want you to see this one part, which is cued:

"What's happening with swords over in the middle east is happening with silence here in America."

I just want to apologize to all of the families around the world, including those who might oppose LGBT rights, who have lost loved ones to actual beheadings. The Benham brothers never will apologize to you because they clearly don't understand how offensive their words are to you, your loss, and the nature of *actual* persecution. But let me step up in their stead. They know not what they do for the sake of "culture war" politics and self-victimization. And they do not speak for the vast majority of Americans.

But at the Family Research Council, this is what passes for commentary. And it's disgusting.

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