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Chair Eastman teases NOM's (hilarious) plan for a constitutional convention

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 At 8.58.55 Pm Last year I show you how the National Organization For Marriage has purchased a cache of domain names that spoke to possible plans to hold a convention related to marriage. Today, Chairman John Eastman puts some chatter to the constitutional convention idea:

John Eastman serves as chairman of the board at the National Organization for Marriage. He understands the frustration people are feeling.

"They need to let their elected representatives know that they're not going to tolerate this," says Eastman, "and if it requires a constitutional convention to launch a constitutional amendment to overturn these decisions, then so be it. The courts need to be reminded that they are not supreme; that the supreme authority in this country is the sovereign will of the people."

FULL Activists: States, guvs need to buck up against 'gay marriage' juggernaut [ONN]

I love how he says, "then so be it," as if he can snap his fingers and force an increasingly pro-equality America to first move toward a constitutional convention (which requires support from two-thirds of out states' legislatures) and then to use the convention to ban same-sex marriage. NOM can barely sway a city council at this point! How the hell are they going to change our most precious governing document?!

But keep making us laugh, NOM. It's good for the soul.

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