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FRC Senior VP suggests court-enacted marriage equality could lead to civil war

by Jeremy Hooper

This from Family Research Council Senior Vice President Rob Schwarzwalder:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 At 6.45.22 AmTwo observations: First, [Dr. Al Mohler of Southern Baptist Seminary] is right with respect to the inevitability of division within the believing church over this issue. Christians will choose to be faithful to Scriptural teaching or they won’t. There is not, as he notes, nor will there ever be, any middle ground between obedience and submission to the revealed will of God and rebellion against it.

Second, I’m haunted by the memory of William Seward’s
comment, immediately before the Civil War, that strife between North and South over slavery constituted “an irrepressible conflict.”

Millions of Americans simmer with resentment at the coerced redefinition of marriage the courts are imposing on them, despite referenda in dozens of states where they have affirmed the traditional definition of marriage quite explicitly. The Dred Scott decision did not decide the issue of human bondage. The
Roe v. Wade decision has not decided the issue of abortion on demand. And the continued federal court confusion over same-sex unions only postpones a day of legal reckoning that could create a measure of civic sundering unwitnessed in our nation for decades.
FULL: An Inescapable and Irrepressible Conflict [FRC]

Do millions really "simmer with resentment"? Are even the most anti-gay Americans among us really at some sort of breaking point that is going to lead them out into the streets to perform some old school "civic sundering? Or is this just how FRC, which depends on this issue for fundraising, wishes Americans were reacting?

Seems to me there is a whole lot of witness-leading going on. There are more than a few far-right leaders who seem almost eager to beat this drum toward a modern civil war in order to keep their own personal and political dream of an unequal America alive and (un)well. If their war of words couldn't beat us in legislatures and courts and in the most recent ballot fights, then they can at least tease their ability to take victory by brute force, or so the thinking goes.

The scary thing is that we've seen how this kind of insistent campaign can convince a great many to get a fire in their belly on a subject (BENGHAZI! BIRTH CERTIFICATE! IRS "SCANDAL!") that they wouldn't have been so riled up about if following nothing but their own instincts. I don't for a second think that we are in any real danger of a misinformation campaign that could lead to anything resembling a war. But I do see how this kind of dangerous rhetoric could create a skirmish of two. Here's hoping cooler conservative heads prevail before anything like that happens.

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