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Lisa Kudrow thinks my website title is modest, at best

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 At 8.14.18 PmLisa Kudrow, never a stranger to gay fans, has a theory about gay men. Here goes:

“I don't know who I'm going to offend by leaving them out,” she began, “but I need to say that I think gay men are superior beings in my mind. I do believe that.”

When pressed for explanation, the actress even offered up semi-scientific data.

"It's all so tricky. I studied biology and the brains are anatomically different. They just are. There's a stronger connection with the corpus callosum (in gay men). The two sides of the brain communicate better than a straight man's, and I think that has to be really important. They're not women - they're still men - and women also have thicker corpus callosums, so I think it's the combination of those qualities that makes them like a superhuman to me."

FULL: Lisa Kudrow Believes Gay Men Are “Superior Beings” [Vanity Fair]

Well, it would explain people's obsession about us. It's not condemnation; it's envy.

No word if any other Friends actor is willing to second Lisa's motion. Though I do hear Courteney Cox considers her surname to be an homage to the genitalia present in a male-male relationship.

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