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Michigan pastors make unfortunate lifestyle choice; say they'll go to jail rather than not discriminate

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 At 8.13.31 AmA group of Michigan pastors, working under the moniker of "No Gay Civil Right," has declared that they will not comply with any LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination law that might pass in their state. Pastor Stay Swimp, a humorously over-the-top activist preacher, explains it like so:

"Let there be no doubt that, if you should decide to go forward with this grave injustice, I, every born again believer I know, as well as every pastor you see here today, shall disobey your unjust law,” ....“Here we stand, Black and White together, ready to go to jail!"
FULL: Hundreds of MI pastors: Stop ‘gay’ civil rights or send me to jail [ONN]

Um, okay. But to remember that you are making this unfortunate choice to go to jail; not us.

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