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NOM goes after gender neutral bathroom because—that somehow applies to marriage?!

by Jeremy Hooper

As a dad of an infant who is often in search of a changing table, only to find that the business chose to only put this item in women's restrooms, I can see the many reasons why a gender neutral restroom is a smart and reasonable thing. It's not only about trans men and trans women. It's also not some weird and wacky thing.

It's also not at all about marriage. Yet the organization that is supposedly focused only on the marriage policy question is for some reason taking this on as its new fight:

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First off, we're talking about Harvard and its constituent schools. When has a conservative organization like NOM ever liked Harvard and its commitments? This is a school that is quite okay with its LGBT students and faculty; this is not news.

Secondly, who does this affect? I mean, honestly. You can be the most anti-trans human on the planet and still just ignore this development. This is an option that this school is providing. Don't like it? Use one of the countless other bathrooms that fit your preference for dress or no-dress signage. But if you do feel like a family of men and women and boys and girls can quite reasonably all use the same restroom, and that no one else who is doing his or her own business is going to threaten that, then this school has given you that choice. There is essentially no difference between this facility and the many family restrooms that one can find in "wholesome" establishments across the nation.

Third, I can't for the life of me understand why NOM thinks it's politically smart to go this direction. This organization is desperately in search of something—anything, maybe, hopefully, pretty please—that will help it save face in the wake of the crushing blows that it helped deliver to its own political movement. But to go after a gender neutral restroom? At a school that conservatives love to knock as being a bastion of liberal thought? It's just obtuse. And it proves once again that NOM's fight has never been limited to marriage.

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