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NOM spends six figures on North Carolina's Hagan/Tillis US Senate race

by Jeremy Hooper

Considering it was the last state they "won" (until they lost it) and considering they developed a lot of close ties there, the National Organization For Marriage is surely hoping they can muster some sway in the Tar Heel state in order to oust incumbent US Senator Kay Hagan, a Democrat who supports marriage equality. To aid this cause, NOM has already spent six figures on mailers opposing Hagan and supporting her opponent, anti-equality Republican Thom Tillis

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 At 5.41.19 Pm

I haven't seen the mailer. But if it's honest, it will remind North Carolinians of all the time, money, and resources NOM forced them to waste on a marriage amendment that was always going to be found unconstitutional. I'm sure some would like a heads up, lest they allow themselves to be led into other costly mistake that will inevitably need correction.

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