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NOM wasted a lot of money on IRS "scandal," aint getting it back

by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization For Marriage today suffered what should be its final and most crushing blow in its years long, wholly concocted attempt to create an IRS "scandal." The same court where NOM lost its case earlier this year, receiving only $50,000 from the government for an inadvertent leaking of its unredacted Schedule B form in 2012, has now determined that NOM does not deserve even one penny of reimbursement for the ludicrous legal fees that the anti-gay organization was seeking. David Cary Hart reports:

United States Circuit Court Judge James Cacheris has denied reimbursement of legal fees to National Organization for Marriage for their lawsuit against the IRS. NOM claimed that they spent over $690,000 in legal expenses. Much of that went to NOM's chairman, John Eastman. That presupposes that the sums were actually disbursed and NOM has been known to fib from time to time and Eastman is a pathological liar.
Breaking: NOM takes a $640,000 haircut [Slowly Boiled Frog]

I especially love how the judge keeps digging in. Some snippets and the full rationale:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 At 10.04.58 Pm

1:13-cv-01225 #96 by Equality Case Files

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