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PFOX's Quinlan says SBC leader's opposition to 'reparative therapy' is cruel

by Jeremy Hooper

At this week's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission conference, Russell Moore, top dog of that Southern Baptist enterprise, came out against so-called "reparative therapy." Then he and his allies proceeded to spend a large percentage of that conference telling gay people they can't be gay (celibacy was their main suggestion). Because let's be clear: the Southern Baptist Convention is light years away from accepting us; they are just increasingly willing to admit that the barbaric attempts to "change" people, which they have supported and emboldened for years, are, in fact, wrongheaded and even dangerous.

But the change in stance was more than enough to tick off professional "ex-gay" Greg Quinlan. In fact, Quinlan says Moore's words were "cruel":

Russell Moore, director of the ERLC, also spoke at the conference. He said Southern Baptists don't support "reparative therapy" for homosexuals based on psychological counseling and don't believe people can necessarily eliminate same-sex attraction.

Greg Quinlan of PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays) considers that statement an affront to people who have been successfully treated through the psychological therapy.

"There are thousands of us who have left homosexuality and many of us went through therapy for those of us where it was available to do so," he shares. "So to make that suggestion is just cruel. It was a cruel thing to say – and I would hope that these good men would get educated on the facts about therapy."
FULL: Where are Southern Baptist leaders headed re: homosexuality? [ONN]

Thousands and thousands and thousands. You just never see any of them. Or meet them. Or talk to them. But there are thousands. Trust Greg.

Look, when you have Southern Baptist leaders and Republican governors like Chris Christie admitting your snake oil is just that, it's time to move on and apologize, not double down. This game is over.

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