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Pro-discrimination activists continue to use one woman's one-sided spite against ex-husband to attack marriage equality

by Jeremy Hooper

Last time I wrote about this situation, the ex-husband in the story, Leif Anderson, left this tactful response to the ex-wife who had just publicly maligned him:


But social conservatives who are eager to gain ground in a fight they are quickly losing don't care about painting an accurate picture. Instead, they continue to eagerly push Janna Darnelle's personal story as some sort of warning sign about what same-sex marriage will do to this nation:

[SOURCE: Breakpoint.org]

Divorce sucks. So do closets. But when it comes to marriage equality, it is greater acceptance that will lessen both, not less. I'm confident that most Americans understand the obviousness of that.

And I encourage Mr. Anderson to keep taking the high road. I know your kids are surely proud.

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