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Ryan Anderson, Mark Regnerus, Rick Warren, other inequality advocates urge Pope to 'commit to marriage'

by Jeremy Hooper

While they do not use the words "gay" or "same-sex" or language that speaks specifically to marriage equality, it's clear by the signees (Ryan Anderson, Robert George, Mark Regnerus, Rick Warren, Jennnifer Roback Morse, more) that this new letter, written to the Pope, as well as "eminences and excellencies of the Synod of Bishops," is yet another attempt to conservative Catholics and like-minded allies to prioritize marriage discrimination at the detriment of the church and its potential growth:

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 At 11.12.14 Am
[Commitment To Marriage]

The truth is that these folks are very afraid of this Pope and his potential to move on to actual social issues that truly plague the world. While we should be clear that this Pope is not the moderate accepter of LGBT rights that some have mistakenly framed him as being (at least not yet), it does seem that Pope Francis has more desire and potential to move the needle in the right direction than any of his predecessors. When it comes to possibly understanding that the acceptance, encouragement, and protection of gay-headed families is actually the opposite of a threat to the family, this Pope is certainly miles ahead of Benedict. And that makes those who make a living (or at least part of a living) off of discrimination understandably nervous.

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