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Ted Olson: Supreme Court rolling back marriage now would be 'inhuman,' 'cruel'

by Jeremy Hooper

In an interview with USA Today's Susan Page, conservative legal eagle Ted Olson echoes common sense, saying that there is basically no chance that the Supreme Court could go backwards on marriage equality now that so many loving couples and families have earned state and federal rights:

@4:51: "I do not believe that the United States Supreme Court could rule that all of those laws prohibiting marriage are suddenly constitutional after all these individuals have gotten married and their rights have changed and their families are living under a regime in which they do have full constitutional rights. To have that snatched away, it seems to me, would be inhuman; it would be cruel; and it would be inconsistent with what the Supreme Court has said about these issues in the cases that it has rendered."

[SOURCE: USA Today's Capital Download]

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