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That Idaho wedding venue posts new 'rules and regulations'; will still perform non-Christian weddings

by Jeremy Hooper

The Hitching Post, that for-profit Idaho venue that has repurposed itself as a solely religious enterprise in order to exclude same-sex couples, has posted the new policies for who can and who cannot marry there. The gist: Even though they are claiming that they are waaaaaaaaay to Christian to every marriage same-sex couples (or polygamists or bigamists, which they say in the same breath), they will totally marry people who ascribe to faiths other than Christianity. Because let's get real here: it was always just gay people they wanted to exclude.

Oh, but don't worry, gay people—you can still "stand with brides and grooms" at their own weddings. Oh, and you can obtain resources about weddings. You just can't solidify your own perfectly legal bond (state and federal), even if you yourself are very much a Christian.

Here's the new rule sheet for who does and does not get a stone cast in their direction:

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 At 11.55.29 Am
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 At 11.55.35 Am
[Hitching Post]

Ya know, acceptance (or even just basic tolerance) requires far fewer bullet points. Just saying.

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