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'Time is not on their side!' demands anti-gay leader who started his job when there were zero equality states

by Jeremy Hooper

Stop your celebration over today's Supreme Court (in)action, you dirty liberals. Tony Perkins and his FRC co-writers are here to tell you that even though it seems like you now have a majority of the country with marriage equality, many more equality states in the immediate pipeline, and a majority of the public that supports and respects the rightness of a matter whose time has come, you really should be worried:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 At 10.34.07 PmIf liberals should be anything, it's worried. When it comes to marriage, time is not on their side. Deep down, the Left knows it needed the Court to force same-sex "marriage" on America before more people saw the fallout for Christians like Aaron and Melissa Klein. Or sportscasters like Craig James. Or CEOs like Brandon Eich. Ask them if same-sex "marriage" is just about two people who love each other. For them, it was about losing their business, their livelihood, and their freedom.

If the Supreme Court thinks America isn't ready for same-sex "marriage," they're right. As more states are forced to recognize it, people will see the ensuing attacks on religious freedom. They'll feel the wedge driven between parents and their children when school curriculum is changed to contradict the morals moms and dads are teaching at home. They'll shudder as more people lose their jobs because they refuse to celebrate (not just tolerate) same-sex "marriage." Maybe then they'll realize that the true goal is not about the marriage altar -- but fundamentally altering society.

FULL: SCOTUS Turns Down Marriage Proposal [FRC]

Keep up the fear mongering, T-Dog. It's done wonders for marriage equality during the decade you've been leading the opposition!!

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