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Tony Perkins knows a shifting Catholic church is bad for his career

by Jeremy Hooper

The Vatican is starting to admit that gays and lesbians have "gifts to offer." And that's more bad news for the exceedingly anti-gay head of an organization that has made marriage inequality its cause célèbre:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 At 11.41.26 Am
[Tony Perkins]

Oh please. Marriage equality might have been a "powder keg" a decade ago. Nowadays, when a deep red state like Utah or Oklahoma get the rights, the only peeps of discontent you hear come from people like Tony himself. Even local conservatives who campaigned on discrimination are ready to move on.

And a Catholic church wants to become more aware of sexual orientation, its truth, and people's worth and dignity within the spectrum of humanity, then that won't be doing significant damage—it will be undoing the significant damage that this church and its leadership has been waging on this and related LGBT rights debates for decades now. We are indeed moving into the phase where we're certain going to see a lot of people who made the wrong choices offering up apologies and revisionism and other efforts to save face in the aftermath of a battle they lost. Perhaps the Vatican is just getting an early start.

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