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Vander Plaats: Churches are going to wake up and somehow roll back court-tested civil marriage rights

by Jeremy Hooper

Marriage equality keeps coming to more states, and even the staunchest conservatives seem too bored to care. The vast majority of the public is either ecstatic, okay with, or at least ready to move on from the same-sex marriage debate.

At least that's what I'm seeing. According to Bob Vander Plaats, the Iowa anti-gay activist who has been trying (and FAILING) to undo marriage equality in his home state of Iowa for over five years now, insists that everything's about to change, and that the churches are going to somehow manage to usurp courts:

Although federal courts have been striking down state constitutional bans against same-sex marriage across the country, Vander Plaats said federal judges have been doing supporters of one-man, one-woman marriage a favor by awakening a sleeping giant that will revolt against the court rulings.

"I think you are seeing the churches wake up. I think you are seeing the conservatives wake up and they are going to double down," Vander Plaats said. "Some people are saying , "You people have to forget about marriage and move on. That thing is a done deal." Absolutely not."

FULL: Bus tour backs candidates who oppose 'anti-family policies' [Des Moines Register]

Actually, no one's saying you have to forget about marriage. We're just saying, nay, demanding that you accept same-sex couples as part of it.

And actually, Bob, our courts don't have some sort of little known clause that allows pastors to overturn decisions. Though the way your movement muddies the lines between church and state, I certainly understand the confusion.

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