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Video: Another social conservative admitting marriage fight is pretty much over

by Jeremy Hooper

Most of this CBN report is just kind of whatever. I did get a kick out of the anchor's pink-on-pink ensemble, a fitting homage. But for the most part, there's little new info.

Until you get to the 1:46 mark. Watch what happens when the guest, a Regent University professor, is asked point blank if the marriage fight is over and can barely hide the truth. And then stick around until around 2:40, where he adds that even his own Christian law students are increasingly supportive of civil equality. It's interesting concession all around:

At some point, those who continue to operate with blind eyes in the face of such glaring reality only manage to make themselves look ridiculous. I expect that social conservatives who do want to stay relevant will have no choice but to start admitting that our world has changed and that married same-sex couples is now a part of it. They can complain and protest and rally and whatever. But the ones who keep up this act of defiance in the face of unceasing losses (for them) will end up looking like tantruming children who need guidance rather than credible politicos worthy of any responsible party's time or energy.

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