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Video: Conservative who believes in equality vs. man who has (several times) likened homosexuality to drug addiction

by Jeremy Hooper

Tony Perkins has spent the past decade saying truly terrible things about LGBT people and LGBT rights. Ted Olson is a legal scholar who, despite (or because of?) his conservative beliefs, believes in civil marriage equality.

In Fox News and mainstream media outlets, this constitutes an equally-matched debate:

Note Tony's deliberate use of the phrase "back alley." You're going to be hearing lots of that kind of talk, with folks like Tony adding hyperbole like that in order to make the court action seem dirty. And shady. And secretive. And dangerous. And it only means we're winning.

Oh, and note to conservatives: when it comes to facing off against lawyers, you really need to find pundits whose credentials are more than just being personally against homosexuality. Had you all realized this years ago, you might be better off. You'd still be losing, because marriage equality is a winning issue. But at least our discourse would be more honest and informed.

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