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Video: Focus on the Family staffer who calls homosexuality 'particularly evil lie of Satan' hangs out in Chicago's Boystown

by Jeremy Hooper

Glenn Stanton, a longtime anti-LGBT activist is somewhat notorious for his claim that homosexuality is a "particularly evil lie of Satan" (a claim that still runs on Focus on the Family's website, by the way). Stanton also believes same-sex marriage "actually deconstructs humanity itself" and that same-sex parenting turns children into "human guinea pigs." To name just some of his many slights.

But he loves us, natch. And he wants to be our friend, of course. And to prove it, he's spending his afternoon in one of America's most famous gayborhood for what appears to be little more than a book trailer:

Grace. Right. Is that why you added the word "particularly" to your belief about where our sexual orientations rank on Beelzebub's evil lie chart, Glenn? Just so overflowing with grace that you had to make it clear that scared gay teens are not only created by the Devil's evil fibbing, but by one of his worst fibs ever?

Ugh. I hope he at least bought something and gave back to the local economy. Though knowing the way the ever-entitled and self-victimizing anti-LGBT community works, Stanton likely thinks the locals owed him something.

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