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Video: NOM reminds North Carolinians that they, Thom Tillis forced state into unconstitutional mess

by Jeremy Hooper

Thom Tillis, the Republican nominee for US Senate, championed North Carolina's marriage bill. When it went to ballot, the National Organization For Marriage and its team masterminded the costly campaign that forced both sides to squander time and resources.

Now, with Tillis running against pro-equality incumbent Kay Hagan and the unconstitutional marriage ban that Tillis and NOM pushed nothing but a bad memory, NOM is, for some strange reason, reminding Tar Heel voters of the always wrongheaded battle that they (and many others) forced upon the state:

Hagan's judge? Interesting how NOM completely overlooks the high praise that NC's other (and senior) US Senator, Republican Richard Burr, a marriage equality opponent, heaped on Judge Cogburn at his confirmation:

201410281740 [SOURCE]

Cogburn was confirmed, 96–0.

But yeah, blame Hagan. And blame the judge for the overturning of the amendment, and not the unconstitutional amendment itself. As genuine and fact-loving as always, NOM!!

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