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In which another anti-gay group forces politicos to Gladys Kravitz our way into one family's divorce drama

by Jeremy Hooper

Of all of the stories the fa-right anti-LGBT activists have seized on, this one involving a woman whose husband realized he was gay and sought a divorce is one of the most bizarre I've expert experienced. Here's Focus on the Family's Citizenlink arm doing their part on the "Janna Darnelle" story:

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 At 12.53.24 Pm SOURCE: Focus on the Family's Citizenlink

As I said in my initial post on the subject: divorce sucks. It's hard. It's not something anyone wants when they enter into a marriage.

But it happens. And sometimes it happens when a spouse realizes who he or she really is. Fortunately, with more gay acceptance this will be less likely to happen with future generations, as they will feel freer to be who they are and love whomever they wish without the burdens of the past. But for the time being, there are couples where one realizes he or she is, in fact, gay.

This is not a product of "the gay agenda." This is a product of the reality of homosexuality, the human capacity for making choices, and a body of divorce law that does allow couples to part company. It's ludicrous for the far-right groups to buy into this as some sort of LGBT rights story. It is not. At all. I feel kind of creepy even knowing about it, frankly. I really want to stop having to cover it, to be honest. Here's hoping "Janna Darnelle" will stop placing public commentary with the intent of attacking LGBT rights so that we can let this family (with young kids involved) go back to their own business.

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