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Who knew 'the mark of the beast' would be so colorful?

by Jeremy Hooper

Here's the latest attempt by the American Family Association to completely obliterate whatever mainstream conservative credibility it might've every enjoy, once again dealt by the organization's own Issues Analyst, Bryan Fischer:

In John’s vision, any Christian who does not willingly accept the mark of the beast will not be allowed to buy or to sell. He’ll be fired or won’t be hired or will be drummed out of business entirely.

So what is this mark of the beast today? That’s easy. It’s the gay rainbow.

This is the rainbow Big Gay has stolen from the Bible and from the church and turned into its own twisted symbol of perversion.

FULL: The Mark of The Beast [AFA]

Do you all remember when we stole the rainbow from the Bible? Holy cow, that was a close one! We didn't count on the Bible having alarms and guard dogs. Between those things and the very real chance of paper cuts, we're lucky we got out of their unscathed, stolen rainbow in tow.

But now that Bryan is on to us, we need to be ever more careful about where we store the rainbow that we pilfered. I've got some space in my attic, if need be. I just need to put a tarp down or something so that the beast's mark doesn't get on anything. Nothing gets that out.

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