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Witherspoon Institute's 'Public Discourse' encourages gay people to 'resist' attractions

by Jeremy Hooper

Writing for Public Discourse, the website that was just forced to run a retraction/correction about yours truly after editors allowed an author to defame me with lies, Matthew Franck, a top staffer at the Witherspoon Institute (which publishes PD), applauds author and fellow PD writer Anthony Esolen for his new book. Specifically, Frank says it's "brave" how Esolen told gay people their "abnormal behavior" is not to be "normalized." Here's the pertinent snippet:

In the two bravest chapters of this book, Esolen argues, first, that “we should not normalize an abnormal behavior”—homosexual conduct—and second, that “to celebrate an abnormal behavior makes things worse, not better, for those inclined to engage in it.” The best thing we can do for young people who experience same-sex desires is not to encourage those desires but help them to resist them if they can, as many will successfully do as they mature. As for those who enter fully into the homosexual life as adults, Esolen writes: “They deserve our patience and our compassion. But the tolerance on our part requires from them an acknowledgement that we indeed do have something considerable to tolerate. From them, then, we rightly require discretion.”
FULL: The Beauty of the Country of Marriage [Public Discourse]

"We Should Not Normalize."

"Requires From Them."

"To Celebrate..."

"Requires Discretion."

Can someone remind me when we all appointed religious conservative heterosexuals our gatekeepers? I must have been absent that day.

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