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.9% in MA gubernatorial race 'vindicated' Scott Lively for years of animus

by Jeremy Hooper

Scott Lively, one of the most ardent and vicious-tongued global activists against LGBT rights of our modern times, managed to convince .9% of Massachusetts' 2014 electorate to vote for him for governor. Which "vindicates" him of his years of anti-LGBT animus, apparently:

On a personal note, I want to say how much I have enjoyed campaigning. Indeed, “enjoyed” is far too small a word for it. I have experienced a profound sense of satisfaction and fulfillment on the campaign trail. I can’t remember feeling so completely in tune with the Lord and so confident of being in His perfect will as when I was in the debates and the other public speaking events and media interviews. I have the sense that everything I have ever done in my life — every diverse experience and training – was to prepare me for this ministry field.

And I have felt God’s favor in and through it. As you may know, I am being sued for “Crimes Against Humanity” by a Marxist law firm trying to take away my First Amendment rights and destroy me the way the LGBT bullies try to destroy anyone who gets in their way – from Anita Bryant in the 1970s to Phil Robertson in 2013. It’s the classic Saul Alinsky strategy of malicious slander and character assassination. And in the middle of the campaign the largest homosexual activist organization in the world, the so-called Human Rights Campaign piled on, naming me the Global LGBT Movement’s Public Enemy #1.

Yet, after a couple of Brownshirt-style attacks at venues early in the year (the worst being at Harvard Law School) the LGBT street activists faded away. Since we qualified for the ballot in the mid summer, there has been no disruption or harassment of any of my campaign activities. Not even when I intentionally went to Northampton (called by some the lesbian capital of the world) to do street outreach in the city center.

I believe my faithfulness in stepping out into the political arena to preach the gospel has spiritually broken the back of the anti-Lively coalition and demolished its campaign of defamation. The public has seen me in the debates and other venues and know I am a sincere and kind-hearted Christian man, whether or not they agree with my views. They will never again believe the vicious LGBT lies trying to paint me as a genocidal monster. The Lord has vindicated me in an entirely unique way.

FULL: In Massachusetts 19,192 Voters Have Not Bowed Their Knee to Baal [Scott Lively]

Um, huh? How do you figure, Scott-ro? I'm pretty sure that the footnote of your running for governor will be but an alcove in the massive mansion of animus that you have so diligently built, my friend.

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