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ADF marriage pamphlet equates current marriage equality backers with 1880s polygamists, 1960s segregationists

by Jeremy Hooper

Here is a snippet from the anti-LGBT Alliance Defending Freedom's new pamphlet on marriage and their ongoing attempt to discriminate within it:

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Let's start at the beginning.

On number 1: Yes, society will always be filled with men and women. And some of them are geared to love within the same sex. Recognizing this fact and civilly respecting those taxpayers who are as deserving as their opposite-sex–loving counterparts does not "change" any facts about men and women. Recognizing our society for what it is rather than what self-appointed moral authoritarians wish it were is a much more proper, honest, and humane recognition of humanity's diversity.

On number 2: "But we've never called them marriages"? And who the hell are you?! Just because you haven't chosen to call some relationships marriages, why do you get to win? Why do you get to determine what is and is not traditional? Who are you to say that gay people, who have existed for all of time, are any less a part of this world's traditions? Why is exclusion something we should exalt (at least this one time)?

On number 3 and the two examples that follow: How dare you portray our marriages, which are now legal in a majority of US states and under federal law, as being a fad, at best, and at worst a social blight like segregation? And how dare you suggest that the theoretical, soul-crushing rollback of our legal marriages, which protect our bonds and our families in a number of very real and practical ways, would constitute a "win" for and "restoration" of marriage? That is truly sick. And inhumane.

Look, I get why groups like the ADF, which have spent decades putting forth horrid language that dismisses and demonizes our worth as human beings and American citizens, are sensitive to the way this history is playing out. I would be too. It's never good to be on the hostile side of a civil rights fight. Yikes!

But if they think they are going to escape their casting in future documentaries by co-opting words like "diversity" and flipping the script so that we are like the segregationists who denied civil licensing to others based on inherent facets of their own beings, then this anti-LGBT legal outfit is even more delusional, not to mention devious, than even I realized. It's one thing to spend years and countless resources forcing people like me to pause my life in order to defend my marriage, family, and rights as an American from the crude and often excessively harsh weight of discrimination that groups like the ADF perpetuate for profitable and political purporses. But to then turn around and try to compare me, the person you've been so proudly subjugating all these years, to the kind of person who yelled horrid things at Mildred Loving (who came out in support of marriage equality before her death, we should note) as she tried to marry the man she loves? How dare you?! You won't get away with this. You made your bed on the wrong side of history—lie* in it.

*And I don't mean in the way you usually lie, ADF.

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