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Audio: Catholic radio host warns of 'abnormal' gays and the 'grave consequences' we bring to society

by Jeremy Hooper

In between interviews with National Organization for Marriage co-founder Robert George and former NOM senior official Jennifer Roback Morse, Catholic radio show host Drew Mariani went on a truly breathless rant about those pesky gay Americans whose existences corporate America is peacefully acknowledging. From Amazon to Google to HoneyMaid, it's all a part to make "abnormal" gay people seem normal, claims NOM's favorite radio host:

SOURCE: Relevant Radio

Yes, Drew, you are going to have to see us in culture. If you're waiting for some sort of excuse or apology for that fact, then you're going to be waiting a very long time, my dear.

But keep proving that animus, buddy. It's working oh so well (for our side).

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