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Fringe pro-discrimination group thinks it can stop companies from sponsoring HRC event; adorable

by Jeremy Hooper

MassResistance, the anti-LGBT organization that has only seen LGBT rights grow in the Bay State the more they try to stop them, is now targeting Citizens Bank, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Staples, and CVS Health. These companies' major crime? Simply sponsoring the Human Rights' Campaign's Boston dinner.

Here is MassResistance's angry missive:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 At 1.17.48 Pm

I'm not sure who, exactly, MassResistance's leaders think they are. But I guess I have to applaud them for adopting a moxy that far exceeds their political positioning and chances of success.

I just wonder what's next for the tiny organization. Demanding McDonald's stop selling hamburgers, perhaps?

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