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Head of TN's big pro-discrimination group shows how much of a game this is to people like him

by Jeremy Hooper

Def-Portrait-2-200-263X300 This is how David Fowler, head of Tennessee's big anti-LGBT/pro-discrimination advocacy group, begins his assessment of yesterday's Sixth Circuit ruling, in which a pair of George W. Bush appointed judges irrational denied equality to millions of taxpayers in four states:

Yesterday Vince McMahon, head of the WWE wrestling empire, announced that the popular SmackDown wrestling event was moving to Thursday nights, and on the very same day, Justice Sutton of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals provided a judicial “smack down” to all the Circuit Judges who don’t think Americans can or should be allowed to govern themselves on the issue of marriage.
FULL: Sixth Circuit Court's 'Smack Down' Marriage Decision [Whatever Tennessee Calls Its Big Anti-Gay Group]

I mean, really? Pro wrestling? And "smack down" language to boot? About his fellow citizens' families and legal rights? That's truly sick.

But it doesn't surprise me. Mr Fowler doesn't have anything to lose here. If the Sixth Circuit would have written from the right side of history and inevitability, same-sex couples very well might be marrying all across Tennessee today. Sure, Mr. Fowler and others who have forced an ill-fitting "victim" suit onto their bodies and cause would claim that they were being oppressed in this way or that way. But it's all bullshit. Nothing about David Fowler's life would change. He has nothing at stake. He would be just as married as he was the day before; he would be as equal as he was the day before.

For these millions of couples in Tennessee and the other three states in the circuit, it would've meant joining the other 30+ states where loving couples can achieve full state and federal rights, regardless of sex/gender/sexual orientation. It would mean protecting their families in very real ways. It would mean a chance to breathe a little easier. It would mean inspiration for the gay kids who are trying to piece together what this all means for them as both humans with a capacity to love and Americans with a burden of taxes. It would mean a sense of peace that cannot be put into words, but something that every equality supporter feels the day his or her state moves beyond this overwrought conversation. It would (and will peace) mean peace.

David Fowler can so easily jump to casual disregard, here portrayed through the linguistic device of "smacking down" à la professional wrestling (or "wrasslin'" as they called it in the Tennessee of my youth) because, at the end of the day, this is just a paycheck for him. This is true even if he believes in the firm convictions and deeply held objections that his side has duped him into believing he should have on this issue. The truth is that he has nothing at stake. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Period. And so equating the whole thing to the WWE is easy. Childishly so.

But then again, it is fitting that he would make such a comparison. Both his movement and televised wrestling are two of the most fake and contrived products of modern culture.

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