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In accusing HRC of 'war on Christians,' American Family Association reveals own desire (need?) to fight

by Jeremy Hooper

The Human Rights Campaign has launched new initiatives to talk to and with Christians in the southern United States. "A war on Christians," demands the American Family Association:

“There is a war against the Bible in America and a war to marginalize the millions of Americans who believe the Bible,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “HRC is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside monies to undermine what Scripture teaches and to insult, denigrate and target those who hold to Scripture. For an organization that claims tolerance, HRC employs deceptive tactics and outright lies to attack those who respectfully disagree with them. This is hardly tolerance.”

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest homosexual activist organization, has begun running television ads in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. Named “Project One America,” the ad campaign is out to change the minds of individuals regarding the nature of homosexuality.

“AFA will not be fooled by this campaign to normalize homosexuality in the southern states,” Wildmon added. “And we hope others won’t be fooled either. The ads are deceptive and meant to mislead. It’s never OK to bully, harass or physically assault homosexual individuals. These ads tell outright lies claiming Bible-believers favor such hateful and violent practices. When you have to lie to make your case, it’s a clear indication your case is devoid of truth.”

FULL: American Family Association: Human Rights Campaign Declares War on Christians [AFA]

What does this "war" look like? Well, here. See if you can stand the harsh realities of armed conflict:

Obviously these efforts are anything but a war. Even the everyday person who disagrees with LGBT rights has to admit as much.

But that's the thing: Nothing we can say or do will ever be good enough for a group like the AFA. Simply saying "gay Christians are a thing" or reminding folks that supportive and affirming people of faith do, in fact, exist is, to a radical special interest group like the AFA, and act of aggression. "War, even.

So gross.

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