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Louisiana congressman and US Senate candidate apparently kissing Tony Perkins' negligent, discriminatory ring

by Jeremy Hooper

Just a few days ago, far-right anti-LGBT activist, former Louisiana state senator, and current Family Research Council president Tony Perkins made a huge case about how he wouldn't support the candidacy of Republican congressman Bill Cassidy in his runoff election against incumbent Democratic US Senator Mary Landrieu. "A moderate," Perkins insisted of Cassidy.

But now Tony is changing his tune. And largely it's because Rep. Cassidy is making apparent strides to convince people like Tony that he really is anti-gay enough for their support, rolling back his past support for things like federal hate crimes protections and agreeing to do their bidding on the current wave of "religious liberty" carve outs that would allow them to chip away at existing nondiscrimination protections. Here's Tony's take, in his own words:

Tony Perkins' endorsement of Bill Cassidy

So disgusting. Congressman Cassidy has never been the moderate that Perkins tried to portray him as being (he holds a 0% rating with HRC), but at least he understood common sense, woefully necessary, publicly supported protections that do nothing more than protect a vulnerable minority population from bias-driven crime. Now it seems that the congressman is so desperate to become Louisiana's next US Senator that he is going to say and do anything he can to cater to one of the most anti-LGBT voices Louisiana has exalted to national prominence in the past twenty years. Well, at least among those Louisianans who are not "Duck Dynasty" cast members.

It's never surprising, since the GOP game is still very much played by using LGBT human lives as pawns. But it is disgusting. And sad. And shameful.

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