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Maggie Gallagher's admission by omission

by Jeremy Hooper

Maggie Gallagher, the person who will forever be most associated with the 21st century's marriage inequality push, wrote a column for National Review Online titled "Why the Democrats Lost." Knowing Maggie, most everyone from every political corner would expect her to focus on marriage in the same way that the organization she founded, the National Organization For Marriage, has in the days since Tuesday's GOP-titling returns. But in a telling turn of events, Maggie doesn't mention marriage even one time in her column. Instead she notes, accurately in my view, that the economy was the key. And in an even bigger bout of refreshment, she also concedes that the GOP only barely won and that they really don't have a good economic plan going forward.

Some pertinent snips and link to full:

And here is the biggest red flag for Republicans moving forward: After six years of Obama, these voters broke for the GOP by just 2 points, 48 percent to 50 percent.

After every election, whether Republicans win or lose, social issues get a disproportionate share of the “problem defining” blame. But the GOP’s biggest branding problem, even in victory, is clearly the economy. GOP candidates are not yet naming the biggest problem voters are facing: wage stagnation and a pervasive decline in the average household’s standard of living.
The Democrats offer increases in the minimum wage. While popular, including among Republicans, this is not a very good answer, since most workers do not have or want minimum-wage jobs. But at least it is a policy prescription that addresses voters’ key concern.

What is the Republican answer moving forward? Coming up with one is the key to victory, in 2016 and beyond.

FULL: Why The Democrats Lost [NRO]

When Maggie friggin' Gallagher stops mentioning same-sex marriage as a factor in a key election, you can be sure that the country has moved on—and that even she realizes it!

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