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Matt Barber: Scott Lively's critics are 'enemies of God'

by Jeremy Hooper

Scott Lively's work and rhetoric has been so over-the-top that even his own movement doesn't really support him. Even like a Family Research Council or a National Organization For Marriage would never hold him up as a team member since they know his actions are so often out of line and his engagement so drained of pragmatism.

But according to Matt Barber, it's Lively's critics who are really out of touch. In fact, we're all "enemies of God":

Lively loves those who seek to defend him just as he loves those who seek to destroy him – and, make no mistake about it, precisely because Pastor Scott Lively has chosen to both obey and emulate Jesus Christ, there are people, very powerful people, who seek to destroy him. These people, unless and until they come to know, accept and surrender to the Lord Jesus, are, and will remain, enemies of God.

In this same column, Matt frames AIDS as a "natural consequence of unnatural acts." So if opposing rhetoric like his and Scott's makes me God's enemy, then I am going to human ask the man upstairs to reconsider his priorities and/or selection of teammates.

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