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Missouri wedding vendors open to more love, more cash

by Jeremy Hooper

This is a refreshing change of pace:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 At 11.31.37 AmIn light of a judge's recent ruling on same-sex marriages in the state of Missouri, one industry showed a visible sign of support for gay couples this weekend.
"The most consistent conversation that I've had with same sex couples is, 'We're not really sure how to approach these wedding professionals – because we don't want to be told that they're not going to service our wedding,' Its kind of a complicated conversation for them to have," said Kassaundra Schario of "The Perfect Wedding Guide." Her business planned the "Engaged in the City" show at Union Station.

She wanted to give same-sex couples a visual sign indicating they could approach vendors who were willing to work with them. Vendors who obliged hung a sign over their booths -- an image of an engagement ring with an "equal" sign in the middle.

FULL: Wedding vendors show support for same-sex couples [KSDK]
(h/t: Scott Hutcheson)

It's a very important reminder for those same-sex couples planning to marry. With the news filled with these isolated, drummed up stories of anti-gay vendors who the far-right turns into martyrs, it's easy to feel like the wedding world is teeming with discrimination. That is simply not the case. When my husband and I married nearly six years ago, we put out feelers in three different states. We did not encounter even one vendor of any sort in any of the three states who was anything less than enthusiastic about our planning.

The anti-gay side is determined to pinpoint and elevate stories of exclusion because that is what they know. That is their tune. That is the vibe that guides their every "culture war" move. But both in law and commerce, it's love and acceptance that will win the day. Eventually signs like this one will not be needed, or at least will simply be nice rather than necessitated additions.

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