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On this #VeteransDay, anti-gay activist calls 92-yr-old WW2 vet 'disordered,' 'abhorrent'

by Jeremy Hooper

The Associated Press ran a Veterans Day story about 92-year-old Rupert Starr, a World War II hero who went on to fight against "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Professional anti-gay activist Matt Barber was clearly touched:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 At 8.31.47 Am Barbwire.com founder Matt Barber says the article is a slap in the face to veterans – on a day celebrating their heroism.

He tells OneNewsNow: "To make this about sexual identity politics, and to focus on this individual's abhorrent sexual proclivities and his lifestyle choices, and to somehow elevate those disordered behaviors as something to be proud of, is really offensive."

SOURCE: AFA's One News Now

It's "really offensive" for the AP to tell the tale of one heroic veteran, yet it's somehow perfectly moral to take to the press and condemn this heroic veteran, on the day set aside to honor such folks, as having an "abhorrent" and "disordered" core? I guess that makes sense, at least within a conservative values movement that is neither.

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