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Prominent conservative outlet equates LGBT activists with Nazi paramilitary

by Jeremy Hooper

LGBT equality activists are now just like the SA members who brought Hitler and the Holocaust to rise (aka "Brownshirts"). Because this is what passes for acceptable conservative rhetoric in prominent conservative journals:

M Wy8-49 400X400Screen Shot 2013-07-15 At 4.17.43 PmRegardless of how they began, the colors of the rainbow flag have all run together into a shade of muddy brown. So we ought to come to terms with the fact that LGBT activists have actually been waving brown shirts at us all along.

Shocking anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez and The Federalist writer Stella Morabito, writing in a joint piece for The Federalist

But while I (and my Jewish family members) are deeply appalled by the intentional flouting of Godwin's law to equate a minority population's push for respect and equality with an earlier generation's most notorious human rights abusers, I do agree with Morabito's and Lopez's rejection of those who try to shout them down. For god's sake, folks, LET THEM SPEAK! They and their crazy rhetoric are doing our job for us at this point!!

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