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Read: #6th Circuit writes opinion that history will rightly and resoundingly mock; scathing dissent says as much

by Jeremy Hooper

In a 2–1 decision written on the wrong side of history, Judges Deborah Cook and Jeffrey Sutton (both George W. Bush appointees) upheld marriage discrimination in four states (KY, MI, OH, TN). Judge Marty Daughtrey wrote a beautiful dissent. All is below:

14-1341 #184 6th Circuit Decision in Marriage Cases by Equality Case Files

I was told to expect this decision. And of course this is exactly what many on the pro-equality side wanted to happen, since now it's very likely the US Supreme Court will take up this issue and give us the fifty-state ruling that we all want.

Even so, it makes me sad for the loving couples and families in these four states, including my own state of birth. Delayed = denied.

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