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Read: ADF creates fake 'victim' superbook; misapplies business matters to churches

by Jeremy Hooper

When legal outfits like Alliance Defending Freedom take up the cases of bakers and florists and photographers who try to skirt local nondiscrimination law so that they can refuse service to LGBT customers, they most always lose. That's because public accommodations cannot just flout fairly and reasonably enacted policies just because the owners hold exclusionary ideas about society and its deserved participants. That's not how it works.

But this is a movement that needs all of the straws it can possible grasp, which is why the ADF is now trying to convince American churches that these stories of businesses needing to carry out commercial exchanges with gay people (the horror!) are somehow just part of a larger plot to destroy churches. And to make the case, they've put the fear-claims into a lengthy new document that essentially frames those of us who support equal rights and fair service in accommodation (i.e. a majority of Americans) as the number one enemy of faith communities. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 At 10.30.21 Pm

ADF's fake 'victim' superbook

A lot of false witness in here. But hey, it's not like they're releasing it as we enter into a Christian holy season or anything. Oh wait a minute...

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