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Read: Same-sex couples can marry in St. Louis; As for rest of state? tick, tock, tick, tock, tick...

by Jeremy Hooper

Calling the freedom to marry "a fundamental right and liberty deeply rooted in the history of the US," St. Louis Circuit Judge Rex Burlison today ruled that same-sex couples can marry in the city where he serves. Which they are already doing.

Here's the order, which is a likely first step to full statewide equality:

1422-CC09027 Order and Judgment by Equality Case Files

Attorney General Chris Koster (who was GOP until 2007 before switching to the Democrats) will not seek a stay. So for now, gay residents statewide can feel comfortable telling their intended spouses to "meet me in St. Louis." But I'd say give it just a few weeks, if not days, before the special hall pass is removed and every city in the state gets the same equality.

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