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Social conservatives vow to further divide GOP with outdated 'culture war': Rob Portman edition

by Jeremy Hooper

One of the big stories of the recent midterms is how anti-gay groups like the National Organization For Marriage played a role in helping elect pro-equality Democrats by waging war against moderate Republicans in a few key races. NOM has already announced plans to do the same in Ohio in 2016, when pro-equality Republican US Senator Rob Portman comes up for reelection (or runs for president). Some locals are already signing on to the idea:

Still, former supporters like Lori Viars, a political organizer in southwest Ohio who said she has worked on every one of Portman’s campaigns, said the senator’s “influence to promote gay marriage” means she will never again support him -- even if it increases the likelihood of Democratic victory.

“I will not cross that moral line to vote for him,” she said.

Viars is helping to lead the charge to find a conservative candidate to defeat Portman. She is hoping to coordinate with the National Organization for Marriage and other national groups to pool resources. Viars, who serves on the central and executive committees of the Warren County Republican Party, said social conservatives are well organized and could move enough votes for Portman to lose a GOP primary decided by a smaller, more conservative electorate.

FULL: Gay Marriage Foes Yet to Prove Formidable Threat to Rob Portman [NBC News]

It's such a funny plan. They really seem to think that marriage inequality is something sustainable. They don't realize that the vast majority of Republicans will support marriage equality in ten years time, if not before.

But in the meantime, these militant anti-equality conservatives will only continue to help drive that wedge and put more pro-equality Democrats in office. If they didn't already exist, Democrats might want to create them.

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