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This should be the national slogan of the anti-LGBT crowd's fake 'religious liberty' movement

by Jeremy Hooper

It's taken me a few days, but I'm finally getting around to commenting on these shirts, which were on display at this past Sunday's big anti-LGBT event in Houston:


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 At 11.39.18 Am
SOURCE: BradPritch on Instagram

The URL points to the official organization that's attempting to repeal Houston's LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance. And while the first and perfectly understandable reaction is repulsion, encouragement is the more strategic reaction.

Here we have members of the political team who insist that they are the "victims" of LGBT people and LGBT rights fully admitting that no, they in fact just want nothing to do with us. They're not even pretending it's limited to their religious objections to something specific, like marriage. They're not even claiming that their resistance is due to fears of using the restroom alongside transgender men and women. They are just saying right out: We will refuse service to gay people simply because they are gay. Period. Or exclamation point, rather.

I say, "BRING IT!" Put these signs in your business windows. Wear these shirts when you message your "religious freedom" nonsense on CNN. Convince the Family Research Council, the rabidly anti-LGBT conservative policy shop that hosted Sunday's event, to gift these tees to anyone who donates to their movement. Heck, there were two different Duck Dynasty people at Sunday's rally—get them to dedicate an entire episode to these shirts and their desire to refuse viewership to LGBT TV watchers. I insist! Go ahead, wrong side of history: Nationalize this message.

We all know that this cause to deny wedding cakes and flowers and rooms at the inn to LGBT people, which strategically hides under the guise of "liberty" and "religious freedom," is along the same lines of past biases that denied service to Americans simply because of who they are. If this movement wants to be more honest about that ugly truth, than I will be the last person to stop them.

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