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Video: Josh Duggar promoting civil inequality for thousands of grown kids (and counting)

by Jeremy Hooper

From yesterday's anti-gay rally in Little Rock, Arkansas. Speaker is reality TV personality Josh Duggar:

Um, Josh, when the Duggar family population swells large enough to form a sovereign nation, then you all can enact laws and ignore courts. But as long as you live in the United States of America, your votes on the civil rights of a minority population will, in fact, be met with court scrutiny.

Put into reality TV terms: You all can do whatever you want for the reality show cameras, but TLC can then step in and edit out what does not comply with network standards. Except with your show, we're only talking about the wacky antics that you and your sibling and maybe your friends in the Bates family share at the local salad bar. With marriage and civil rights, we're talking about people who pay the same taxes as you and Anna, but whom you think you should be free to subjugate because of your chosen religious faith.


*ALSO: Jerry Cox, the head of whatever Arkansas's big anti-gay group is called; I'm too bored to look ut up:

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