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WHOA! Mark Regnerus made the #Humanum conference videos?!

by Jeremy Hooper

A few months back, I played a clip where Mark Regnerus of the infamously shoddy study that hoped to discredit gay parents mentioned he was filming videos around the world. Today, Baptist writer and activist Denny Burk answers the question of what videos he was filming:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 At 11.18.28 Am
[Denny Burk]
(h/t: Str8Grandmother)

Yes, that's right: He was filming those anti-gay videos that I have been showing you all week. You know, the ones from the pointedly discriminatory Vatican conference that has been going on for the past three days? Those anti-gay, propagandistic clips come courtesy of the very same man who tried to sway the public with an anti-gay, propagandistic study.

What a truly bizarre choice. Like almost too bizarre to be believed, frankly. It seems that the Vatican isn't only courting "culture war"—it's begging for one


*UPDATE: Burk has now scrubbed his article of the line mentioning Mark Regnerus! I've written to ask why.

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